We’re preparing for MomCom


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Bringing the community together to discuss the social, political, economic and cultural matters of motherhood.
  • Engage with world class speakers such as Wendy Davis, Rabia Chaudry and more, telling real stories about motherhood as it relates to their careers, their activism and their every day lives.
  • Discuss hot topics concerning mothers within our city and across the world.
  • Network with other mothers and the people who believe in them.
  • Realize how moms are important and what we can do to harness our power for the greater good.
  • Enjoy a welcoming, casual environment with food, fun, and friendship.
  • Experience the beautiful view from the rooftop pool deck at the new Westin Austin Downtown.

What People Are Saying

What I took away the most from MomCom 2014 was that I wasn’t alone. That the stories of these women’s lives, and the women I met there, all sound like me in one way or another – the fears, the heartache, the struggles, the guilt, the dreams, hope and fearless spirit to pursue our passions. Our desire for our lives and our dreams to live in harmony.

Colleen Phillips, Mommy Time Out

Thank you #MomCom2014! The inspiring stories from amazing women like Karen Walrond were a reminder to seize this life with everything I’ve got. What a ride! So thankful to be a part of this community and movement to inspire turning passion into action.

Alexandra Tinsman

The thing that I appreciate about MomCom is the fact that while it is a conference where you can learn and get tips on becoming your own boss, the focus is more on the individual story of each woman. It gets straight to the guts. I want to know logistics of how these women accomplished what they did while they had children to take care of, and at MomCom, that’s what I got.

Jamie Jett, Do512 Family

Last year I attended MomCom for the first time and was blown away! It was an incredible experience, hearing the wisdom shared by other Moms, meeting so many amazing Moms, and getting challenged to continue to think about my role as a Mother and what it means to me. I couldn’t wait to attend the conference again this year, and it didn’t disappoint! In fact, the conference was even bigger and better than the last one!

Amber Fogerty, SOS Leadership

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