The house when we lived in it looks much different today.

While everything for the conference has been going well, I have had to deal with some personal issues lately. After a rather hectic week with my husband out of town and me playing the part of a single parent, I sent my daughter to Grandma’s house on Friday night, which is never hard to do;  both for me to have some time to myself and for her to get spoiled by Grandma. I went to book club, had a fantastic time with amazing, creative, interesting women, and then came home and listened to the messages from calls I had missed.

I have a house that I used to live in but it’s now a rental and my tenant had called and left a message that the house was flooded. Totally flooded. I’m not talking a little, but a lot, where the floors are ruined and need to be replaced. So this weekend I had to file a claim with my insurance. This, just after an auto claim three weeks ago for an accident I was in by the way.

I relate this to the conference by realizing that there are always going to be kinks in the plan. We as women and mothers have a lot to juggle and sometimes it gets overwhelming, sometimes we feel no support but most of the time for me personally, the support is there when I open myself up to it. For this particular weekend, my neighbor had a fresh supply of friends with kids at his house that kept my daughter busy and my brain occupied, he took his son and Delilah for a walk so I could file my claim without interruptions. My mom spent more time with Delilah and came by the next day to take me to lunch and talk about the house. The women who are my tenants were so helpful and calm and willing to leave the house and do what they had to do to make this as smooth as possible not only for them, but for me as well. There were also the multitude of people on Facebook, whose comments helped keep me from losing it. And of course my husband, away on his first vacation alone in a long time, his calm reassurance that everything will be fine.

And I have another thought… Had this happened on any other evening, rather than this one that I spent with women that I respect and cherish, who inspire me, who uplift me, I may have reacted differently. Instead of getting all worked up about the damage, the cost, the hassel, I just accepted it. I was feeling too good to let much get to me and for that I’m grateful. It is about support and community. It’s about surrounding yourself with people who make you feel good and letting them hold the umbrella over your head when that little black rain cloud won’t stop following you around.

Now, I must get back to work and get this thing off the ground!!

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