Well, it’s finally coming together. Sponsors are starting to sign up, I have a nice solid list of people registered, amazing speakers (with a surprise key note coming soon!) and a lot of energy behind MomCom Austin. I’m so grateful for the support and the enthusiasm for this event! My husband, though he gets little credit, has been my biggest supporter. He has encouraged me, told me he’s proud of me and when I’ve doubted what I’m doing and has told me that it will all come together. I’m starting to believe him!

Today I’ll be working on sponsor agreements and speaker contracts. And later this week I’ll keep pursuing more sponsors. It’s also time to let everyone know that registration is open. The smart businesses know that we as women and moms are a worthwhile investment. And the people who will be attending? They know they are worth a day of “summer camp for the soul.” I know they are worth well beyond that.

I continue to meet amazing people, I get to laugh and I get to hear stories. Wonderful stories, sad stories, inspiring stories. Life is good when you surround yourself with such this kind of energy. I have the best job in the world!