At the end of last year Vicks, with the help of LiveMom brought Meg Meeker, M.D. to speak at an event for mom bloggers at Chez Zee. While the event was lovely and Dr. Meeker was impressive, I put her book, The 10 Habits of Happy Mothers on the shelf for a while and continued with the madness of getting MomCom Austin off the ground. The other day I was cleaning my office and started flipping through her book. One page in and I was hooked.

What an informative, eye opening, interesting read! Dr. Meeker gives practical advice to moms on “reclaiming our passion, purpose and sanity” by forming habits. I especially appreciate that she lists the habit, explains why the reason it’s important, breaks it down into understandable and realistic sections and sites real life scenarios. At the end of each habit, she also outlines three ways “to make the habit stick” that are actually doable!

Some of her habits include:

Understand your value as a mother:

  • “If every mother in the United States could wrap her mind around her true value as a woman and mother, her life would never be the same.”
  • “When we lower ourselves, refuse to admit our strengths and gifts, or live with false modesty, we lower all mothers. Many of us do this without even realizing that we are doing it.”

Say No to Competition:

  • “When we compete with other mothers, we pit ourselves against them, ourselves against ourselves, and we do something else. We grieve their successes. We don’t like to see women whom we envy succeed, even if their success is good for others or humanity.”
  • “Mothers need other mothers in a very unique way. One mother understands another’s fatigue. We get one another. We are warriors who have fought hard for our sanity or for our kids. And we’ve got to stick together.”

Create a Healthier Relationship with Money”

  • “Spending on our kids is profoundly emotional. It is very much akin to feeding our kids. If our toddlers eat well, we feel more successful as mothers.”
  • “We can stop. No, we don’t have to stop spending money on our kids, but we can stop evaluating our worth as mothers by the material things we give them. This is real freedom. We can extricate ourselves from the feeling that we have to give just a little more, provide a nicer vacation, or take that second job to pay for the private school. The truth is, our worth as mothers is not tied to doing those things in our children’s eyes.”
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