I love my job. More and more each day. Seriously. I don’t think I could stop loving it if I tried. Sure, I have the contracts, and the begging for sponsors, I have the day to day of the financials, the uncertainty of making a profit. I even have to deal with business taxes as if personal taxes aren’t bad enough.

But then there is this, the part that makes it incredible. The speakers, the potential speakers, the people who get excited about what I’m doing and want to help me out, the sponsors who “get it” and want to be a part of it, the family members and friends who encourage it. It’s a business. It’s my business. And my business involves meeting and talking with people. Inspiring people, successful people, people who make me happy by just talking with them!

There is that saying that who you surround yourself with, you become. I hope it’s true because as part of my job, I not only surround myself with these beautiful people, I research them, I read about them, I talk with them, I engage them, I get to hear their stories. Instead of a job that steals from my soul, I have allowed myself the freedom to enjoy my work and to appreciate the people who come into my life. Through my job, I actively seek out positive energy, positive people and I’m a better person for it.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Today is another wonderful day.

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