I was talking on the phone this morning with Sabrina Parsons, CEO of Palo Alto and our keynote speaker for MomCom and she said that we need to set financial goals for ourselves. Moms especially, tend to start businesses thinking it’s something they’d like to do; they have a great idea but don’t put a plan in place. She says to set your yearly goals, make a plan and work from it. You then have the tools to evaluate what you have done right and what you need to work on.

She also suggested that moms, because of our nature, tend to look at what we are doing as a side job, something to do along with raising kids and managing a family. Sabrina says to start taking it more seriously. Treat it as a business. If you are taking time away from your kids to work, stop feeling guilty about it. Instead turn that energy into making that time count financially as well personally.

Does this sound familiar? Are you making the time away from your family count? If you aren’t, why are you working? And yes, you are working. Guilt doesn’t make you money and it doesn’t help your family. What can you do today to start putting the energy needed into your business that will make it worthwhile to you? Think about it! I am.