So you think it’s unprofessional to have my child in the background while I’m trying to talk with a prospective sponsor or vendor? Do you think I should have worn a suit to our meeting? Maybe I shouldn’t have brought my daughter to the networking event. Really? Well, then I’m just not your girl and maybe we don’t need to be doing business together. And that’s okay, really it is. Because I’m no longer living by those rules. I never wanted to conform before I had a kid so she’s actually a really great excuse to “work outside the box.”

I get it. And for the most part, I do business without my child around. But during weeks off from school? Times when I want to make an event but I don’t have someone to watch her? Well, she’s here. And I’m not going to kill myself trying to get rid of her so I can “network.” ¬†She’s coming with me. It has been enlightening, this working on my own terms thing. The people I work with “get it” and if they don’t, then I explain “it” to them and they’ve been receptive.

The coolest thing though, is something that happened today. My daughter walks in the office and starts talking to me even after her dad told her to let me work. I was on the phone talking with a potential vendor. It was more like talking to a potential friend. There I was telling my daughter to let me talk and on the other end was a mom and entrepreneur asking her child the same thing. We did fine. We did our business and no one suffered because we weren’t “professional enough.”

Having my daughter around to see me work, even when it isn’t convenient, is actually pretty cool. She told me that some day she’s going to have a MomCom. Hopefully she’ll have them all over the country by then!

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