Years ago I wrote down a list of specific goals, with dates of completion and posted it on my mirror. At one point, I took it down and filed it away. I didn’t look at it again until I moved to a new house in 2006. When I read my goals, I realized they had all been accomplished. I had traveled to Spain, I had gotten my MBA, I bought two houses, hiked the Grand Canyon, Sedona and the Superstition Mountains all by myself, and I had, for a time, given my time and energy to a church. There were more items on the list, and I had done them all. I was astounded but it proved what I had always been told. Writing down goals, not as a quick list, but as intentional well-thought-out goals that are attainable, works.

Acting and speaking as if is something else I have always heard works. For example, instead of saying, “I’m going to lose ten pounds by March,” you say, “I am ten pounds lighter. I am sleek and strong and fit.”

So last year I started MomCom. I started talking about it as if it was already happening. By doing so, I was almost forced into doing what I said I was going to do. I told enough people and therefore it happened. The power of thinking expressed in words gives you the power to follow through with action.

Most recently, I did both. I wrote down what kind of exhibitors I wanted and I spoke that wish out loud repeatedly. I said I wanted mom or women owned or managed businesses who fit with the MomCom mission of encouraging moms and letting them know they aren’t alone in “wanting more”. I wanted legitimate businesses that were moving forward, that had common interests with our attendees, and that respected women as a powerful force in the market. I wanted companies that get it.

June 2012 Exhibitor, Zeehive

June 2012 Exhibitor, Zeehive

And guess what? It happened! All the organizations exhibiting at MomCom are wonderful. I am PROUD to have them as exhibitors. I didn’t sell out by accepting companies that didn’t meet the standards I had set for the event, which can happen when you are trying to make money in the conference business. Seriously. When you are a start up, ALL money looks like good money.

Going forward I encourage you say what you want, act as if it’s already happening and write it down and post it where you look at it every day. Have faith in your abilities to get what you want and you probably will.

A huge thank you to our exhibitors and to the women who kept me inspired to stick to what is important to me. Because, as with everything in life, you can’t do it alone.

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