It’s time for me to get away. From my computer. Although I’ve had a couple of easy post-event weeks, my brain hasn’t stopped working and for me, that’s not really a good thing. So Homer, Delilah and I will be heading to his brother’s wedding in the Valley and I’ll be shutting my laptop for the weekend to try and recharge and reenergize. (Thanks to Bernadette Noll for gently nudging me in that direction.)

Melissa will of course keep us moving along. She’s been researching venues for the next MomCom and coming up with some beautiful locations. The survey is out, so please help us by filling it out. We really do take all comments and suggestions to heart (almost to a fault) so know that this is very important to us.

And, don’t forget, we have a great deal going on for our alumni. Register by Sunday night and get 45 percent off MomCom Summer Camp. With all of the changes happening at MomCom, you just aren’t going to see this price again.

As always, thank you for your support as we continue to grow and change. Enjoy your weekend.





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