Pretty Thai for a White GuyToday we are featuring Kristen Williams, co-owner and chef of Pretty Thai for a White Guy, a popular Austin, Texas Food Truck. Karen and her team will be at our MomCom Summer Camp reception serving up amazing Thai inspired food. We’re excited to partner with them!

What’s your business about? What’s your specialty? 

We serve up tasty Thai inspired cuisine from our Magic Bus.

How did you get into the food truck business?

We are three Le Cordon Bleu culinary graduates that met during culinary school and decided to start up a food truck business as soon as we graduated from school.

What makes you tick? What keeps you motivated?

Running a food business is not easy as it’s very time consuming and there are a lot of maintenance issues on the bus, health department issues, and other issues that seem to arise on a weekly basis. Every time something goes wrong it’s easy to get your spirits down and discouraged, but I quickly remember how happy we are making peoples’ stomachs and mouths when we serve them our food. I love the satisfaction of knowing that people are extremely happy with the product we are serving them and we get a lot of good feedback. We are all very passionate about food and strive to make our customers satisfied with our food, our customer service, and the overall experience of coming out and visiting our truck.

Do you have children? If so, how do you manage work and children?

I don’t have any children myself, unless having two dogs counts as children. With the time and effort that’s put into the food truck, I couldn’t imagine being able to handle children along with a new start up business.

What advice would you give to others who are looking to do what you do, whether it be starting a company or getting into the food business?

The best advice I can give others is just don’t get discouraged. There are a lot of hard times that will hit and will make it seem nothing is working in your favor, but you have to overlook all those outside forces that are making you feel as if you can’t do it and stay focused on what you want and you will be successful!

Who inspires you?

My dad inspires me the most and I take after him a little bit. He has had much success in his life and it’s been through his hard work, determination, and motivation. I admire him for what he has done and being only 54 is retired and enjoying his life.

How can or do you inspire others?

Through my hard work and passion for what I do I will be a successful business woman. I’d like to inspire other women to not be afraid of reaching for their dreams, but go out and get them. It just takes a lot of hard work, passion, and patience.

Thai truckWhere do you want to be in five years?

In the next five years I want to see our business grow and open up into a brick and mortar to eventually become a franchise. I think we have a really fantastic concept and we want to reach as many people as possible.

If you had a superpower, what would it be?

I have always wanted the ability to read minds. I like to know what people are thinking and often try to guess what’s going through their minds.

For more information about Pretty Thai for a White Guy, Like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter

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