The best part of MomCom is that we get to meet women whom we may have never met. Rosalind Wyatt is one of these women. You’re going to love her story. Anyone who compares life at home to an SNL skit is okay with us.

Rosalind A. Wyatt, Owner, Marketing Elements

Rosalind A. Wyatt, Owner, Marketing Elements

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Well, I grew up in Houston, Texas as the daughter of a minister and a schoolteacher. I am the youngest kid in the family by a wide margin so I was basically alone at home with my parents from the age of about 3 years. When you’re the only kid at home you learn to entertain yourself. I went to college at Prairie View A&M University and majored in electrical engineering. I have finally accepted the fact that I’m a nerd. I love all things tech and I love to ponder deep philosophical questions.

I am a wife of 22 years and the mother of a teen and a tween. My children are a constant source of humor and sometimes all you can do is laugh. Also, I’m extremely active in my church.

What was the oddest job you ever took?

The job wasn’t as odd as it was something I never dreamed that I would do. I was a long-term substitute teacher for a first grade class. Small children are brutally honest and if you think that you have it all together they soon let you know that you don’t. In the end, I learned to always come to the table prepared. Don’t rely on winging it.

Was there a time when you took a risk and failed? How about a time when you succeeded? Was there a difference?

An experience of taking a risk and failing was when I attempted to open a coworking space with a former business partner and it was not successful because the space we were leasing went into foreclosure and the owner disappeared. The property was in a super hot real estate market area so it was going to sell really quickly. There were some other major difficulties with the property but at the time we leased it, it seemed ideal.

One time that I took a risk and succeeded was when I finished my MBA and decided to pursue working at our local NPR affiliate station in Houston early in my marriage. I had always loved NPR and dreamed of working there as a news reporter. I had no experience in broadcasting whatsoever, but one day I called the News Director and asked if I could be an intern. She took a chance and hired me as an unpaid intern. She was a great teacher and I was an eager student. I remained an intern for about 4 months and then she put me on the payroll. I actually got to realize my dream of being a news reporter for an NPR station. A couple of my stories got circulated nationally.

In both instances I learned a whole lot especially in the unsuccessful experience. Sometimes stuff happens that is beyond your control but you have to slog through it. Sometimes success is really just a right turn versus a left turn and you would have had no way of knowing it.

What personal accomplishment has given you the greatest satisfaction?

Completing my Ph.D. in marketing in 5 years while taking care of a small child and giving birth to another child along the way.

How has being a mother shaped where you are today?

I think I’m much more nurturing to my students as a result of being a mother. I’m also much more balanced as a businessperson. There are only so many hours that you can put in at the office and still be available to your children. I’ve learned to guard my time so that I can go to my kids’ games and performances, as a rule, not as an exception. Also being a mom has helped me to sharpen my comedy skills. Sometimes our life at home is like an SNL skit.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Being able to defy Newtonian Physics in that I could be in two places at one time. According to an article in Science some researchers in quantum mechanics are working on it. So who knows? I might just be in luck.

Want to hear more from Rosalind? She’ll be a featured guest on our Friday 15 Google Hangout on July 19, 2013. See our Google+ events page for more details on this and other events.

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