By Trish Morrison

Today’s the day. I’m meeting with my current renter, a lawyer, our real estate agent and my husband to go over the paperwork to sell my house. We didn’t have to put it on the market and I’m grateful for that. Stephanie, our wonderful renter, decided she wanted to buy it. She offered us this option just about the time Homer and I decided that we really needed some funding for MomCom to move it to the next level.

Delilah’s first Christmas Tree.

We didn’t live there long before we moved. It was from 2006 to 2008. But so much happened in that house. I became friends with some of the best neighbors you could ever have and continued our friendship once we moved to our current home. I became pregnant with Delilah, who had her first Christmas there at five days old. My mother lived with us during Delilah’s first four months and helped keep me from jumping off a ledge. This also propelled her to move from Michigan and buy a home here in Austin so she could be closer to Delilah.

I had all the pains of motherhood in that house. The breastfeeding issues, the leaky boobs, the time when I thought my vagina was falling out after Delilah’s birth. The tears, more mine than Delilah’s, as I learned what kind of mother I was going to be. The pain of recovery, the realization that motherhood was difficult, more difficult than I had ever thought it could be. And the strains on my relationship with Homer. All there. In that house.

The Girls of SCW

The Girls of SCW

But there were amazing times as well. Thanksgiving dinners with friends, impromptu get-togethers in the street with neighbors, Homer’s gourmet meals that I swear to this day are one of the reasons Delilah is so healthy. Delilah’s Godfather, who lived four houses down installed a pool in his backyard. We went there to chill when I didn’t have the energy (or didn’t dare) to take Delilah anywhere else. Everyone was kid-less at the time except for Homer and I and they were all introduced to Delilah and made her part of the family.

I remember the walks with girlfriends around Town Lake during that time, discussing everything from pregnancy to marriage to boyfriends and inane, silly conversations with no worries attached. Then after Delilah was born, my “village” of non moms helped me do the full three miles with a nursing baby and helped me become the mom I am today. All while I was living in that house.

Finally getting it.

Finally getting it.

I opened my “baby mama” ring from my husband, which is my wedding ring today. First my mom, then my best friend Benny, took care of Delilah in that house while I went back to to my job. I took care of myself physically while I was there because I wanted Delilah to be healthy so I had the biggest milk boobs and tiniest waist while living in that house.

First Solids

First Solids

Delilah took her first steps there, she drank out of her first bottle, sippy cup, she sang, she coo’d, she played. She sat up for the first time, smiled for the first time and ate solid food for the first time. Many of her firsts were in that house.

The house attracted beautiful people. Joanna, our first renter is now a friend of ours. After she moved out, Stephanie took over. While we all went through some painful times living there, we all contributed to the love and energy that’s in place today.

Now it’s time to let go so I can raise my other baby, MomCom Life, and move it beyond its first steps and into toddlerhood.

Wish me luck.

[infopane color=”3″ icon=”0032.png”]Trish Morrison, MBA is the founder and CEO of MomCom® Life, an organization dedicated to creating community and fostering entrepreneurship for moms. Trish is addicted to women’s stories and believes we can change the world through telling ours. She lives in Austin, Texas with her hot firefighter husband Homero and her brilliant daughter Delilah. Trish is a proud feminist who can be found online at or on Twitter @atxtrish and @momcomaustin. MomUP!®[/infopane]

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