Let Kelly services of Austin TexasToday we’re featuring a profile of one of our wonderful MomCom exhibitors, Kelly Jedele, owner of Let Kelly, a unique business owned by a unique mom.

Usually with our profiles, we start with some questions, and then create a post to tell the story. But Kelly’s own words are so amazing, that we are just letting them stand as she wrote them. Anyone who is, has ever been, or knows a single mom will want to read this profile. So without further ado…here’s Kelly!

“I absolutely love what I do! My passion is to help women (and men) ease the stress of everyday life. We are called to be wives, moms, friends, daughters, employees, etc and there really is not time to keep up with all the details and also work out and keep your nails painted!

kelly Jedele owner Let KellyLet Kelly was started in 2009 when I wanted to hear one person breathe because they had help with the chores in their home. Let Kelly helps with cleaning, laundry, organizing, errands, filing, and small projects.

I know first hand that today’s society puts endless pressure on us. I have been a single mom for almost 8 years to my beautiful 10 year old daughter. I want everything for her. She is the reason I push through the challenges and extreme demands of being a working mom.

Managing it all is quite a juggling act. I really focus on being present with her and each person that I am with so that the minutes count. I also let my goal for perfection just be a goal and am grateful and excited for each day and opportunity.

I started this company with the goal to help others and then it all just fell in to place with who I needed to talk to and all the structure that needed to be set up as I went. It happened really quickly and I realized that I had an amazing group of people that surrounded me and believed in me. They helped me with answers that I did not even know I had questions for.

I see huge amazing things for Let Kelly. I want to inspire women to listen to their natural instincts of who they want to be and become. We are such powerful sexy people that can change the world, one little person (or marriage or friendship) at a time. I hope to meet you soon!”


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