stop getting in your own way

We all do it. We know we do. But why? Some people say it’s a fear of success. Some say it’s about past failures. But whatever the cause, more often than we care to admit, we are our own worst critics. We place our own stummbling blocks in our paths. And we sabotage success.  And odds are, we aren’t even aware we’re doing it.

So here’s a little exercise. Today, get three sheets of paper, and write down three goals you are working towards. Or three goals you would like to accomplish, even if you haven’t started the work yet.  Write one goal at the top of each piece of paper.

And then starting today, take one paper each day, and spend as much time as it takes writing down the reasons you haven’t made more progress.  Be brutally honest.  Write until you can’t think of any more reasons why it’s still a goal and not an accomplishment.  Forget spelling or grammar. Forget pretty writing. And especially forget to censor yourself. This is just for you, so be honest.

After you’ve done all three, take a look at your lists and start to identify which obstacles are yours. Which are in your control? Which ones are coming from your head (or heart or soul or history…)  Highlight those items.

Now cross off every reason that isn’t highlighted.  Forget about those for now. You have just created your own to-do list to make your dreams come true.  Now use it!

Once you do, you will discover something amazing will happen. Those other barriers — the ones not in your control — will start to disappear, too. Why? Because you have changed.

Sure it’s just a Tuesday. But you might want to mark this Tuesday on your calendar. Because this is the day you started making dreams into reality.

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