Beth RichardsToday we’re thrilled to be profiling mom and business owner Beth Richard.  Before I get into her profile, I have to say that just considering all this busy mom juggles made me want to…take a nap! I was exhausted just thinking about it!

But Beth, a University of Wisconsin graduate in Fine Arts, seems to keep all those roles in the air with style.

Were you ever a stay at home mama, or have you always worked?

I always worked from home so I consider myself a working stay at home mom.

You own your own business, what is it and when did you start it?

I do own my business. It started in 1996 with a sign to my house that read “Valentine’s Day Flower Sale”. I somehow landed the Sullivan’s Steakhouse flower gig and from there got The Driskill account. I would see all the top florists weddings there- which schooled me. Everything I’ve created- I have made from nothing. Now I do weddings, events and am the exclusive floral designer for Circuit of the America’s. I honestly don’t know how I became this accidental business woman. I’ve always been an artist and musician but about 8 years ago I decided that I wanted to be able to send my kids to camp, go on vacations etc. I upped my advertising and created a new website- be careful what you wish for mamas.

What was the most unusual floral request that you received?

A few things come to mind- scaling trees to hang flower balls- an arch on a yacht that had to stay up while the boat was moving, a flower dog… but I would have to say it was from the guy that ordered flowers for his wife and mistress on Valentine’s day. I should have refused- CREEP!

You are a small business owner, musician, and dancer. How do you fit it all in?

Barely- no matter what, you still gotta make the lunches, dinners and breakfasts- do the birthday parties, school and all that. The business has a ton of responsibility and I’ve got to do my passions or else I will die. My boys mean everything to me- so they come first. We’ve all had to make some sacrifices. I think that every mom feels “mom guilt”. All I can do is try everyday.

You are currently rehearsing for a Halloween show, give us the details!

It is called “Dragoween” It will be on October 26th at the school of the deaf. Last year it sold out 800 seats- My friend asked me to do it because it was a night of 1000 Madonna’s- All Madonna/ All night. That was me in high school. It is a benefit for the gay/lesbian AA sober group. I am not gay, sober or a ballet Austin dancer but somehow at 42- I have become a dancer. It was a total blast last year so I decided to do it another year. This year it is Frightmare on Glam Street- spooky and Haloweeney.

If you were granted three wishes, what would they be?

1. That my kids are safe and happy.
2. To be a rock star*
3. To always feel true love.

Beth’s company Exquisite Petals focuses on making wedding days exactly what the bride has always imagined.   You also can find her  on Facebook. Beth has had her floral work been featured on TLC, in The Knot wedding publications and on several leading wedding planning blogs.  

*A last note from the MomCom team…in our book, you already are a rock star!

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