A Childs Garden of Language kidsToday’s profile comes from native Austinite, business owner and mom Sarah Stasica.

Sarah wanted to share her experience with finding MomCom, and the difference it’s made in in her life. And of course, we were happy to help!  Here’s her story….

“For years I dreamed of starting my own business, but I didn’t take the first steps until I became a mother. With a new baby at home, I founded A Child’s Garden of Language, foreign language immersion classes for children from birth to age five. It was exciting, but as I started down the path of creating a new business, I was looking for resources and support.

When I heard about MomCom, I quickly registered for the summer 2012 conference. I loved the idea of spending a day with fellow mom entrepreneurs, because starting a small business as the mother of young kids is such a unique experience. I was looking for networking with like-minded women. I found that and more. MomCom, for me, was a game changer.

I attended my first MomCom event alone. I got lucky when I sat at the same table as Laura Shook, the owner of a local event venue, Soma Vida. I had met her once before, at a one-day retreat for business owners, and the opportunity to get to know her better at MomCom was really cool. The connection we made that day has benefited me tremendously. I now rent space for my classes at Soma Vida and I love it.

My second MomCom event was this past summer. I encouraged my mom, a local business owner herself, to take advantage of the opportunity to market her business. She agreed and I went along to help man her vendor booth.  Once again, I was inspired by the speakers and met some really great women. The relationships I formed at MomCom that day have continued to develop in the months since the event, and have had a huge impact on my life, both personally and professionally.

On a personal level, meeting Lori Strong of Strong Little Sleepers at MomCom was a lifesaver. My newborn daughter was not a good sleeper and we were up every 15 minutes some nights. My husband and I were going crazy! Following MomCom, at the four-month mark of sleepless nights, we decided to give Lori a try. I have to tell you that our lives are like night and day now. I feel like a functioning human being and we are getting to sleep!!

On the business front, I met a helpful mom in an unexpected place. I attended MomCom without my infant daughter, so I was very happy to discover MomCom’s nice, large room for nursing mothers. I was bummed to miss out on one of the speakers to go pump, but I spent the time talking to another mom with a daughter just a month older than mine. My 20-minute pump session was over before I knew it because we were having such a great conversation. I could tell that she knew a lot more than I did about social media and asked her if she blogged. It turned out that she writes a local blog that I had frequented many times while looking for things to do with my toddler. I was like a groupie and said, “You’re Heidi!”

I reached out to Heidi about a month later to advertise on her blog and invited her to a class. She did a write up after attending my class and the response I got from her post was OVERWHELMING to say the least. I filled a free Mandarin class within an hour of the post! I opened up a second class at a discounted rate and that filled up quickly as well. I recently offered a free Spanish demo class that filled with a waiting list and our Spanish session is already halfway to capacity, and it doesn’t start until next week.

children in class

Attending MomCom with other business minded mothers provided both the inspiration and the connections I needed to take my business to the next level. If you are looking to recharge, get inspired, and grow your network, you need to be at the next MomCom event. I’ll see you there!”

Sarah Stasica is owner of A Child’s Garden of Language, a mom to a baby and a toddler and wife to a really great guy. She is a native Austinite and loves being able to raise her kids in the same town she grew up in.  If you have questions about Sarah’s experience at MomCom, or would like to learn more about her business,
drop her a line.  

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