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We work hard. And then we work harder. And yet, we seem to be missing the mark. But the truth is, it’s usually not about how hard we work.

Sometimes, maybe even most of the time, our feelings of being off track or unsuccessful are  because we’ve lost sight of why we’re doing the work we do.

It could be running a business, raising a family, managing a charity, or working your way up the corporate ladder. It really doesn’t matter what. What matters is why.

Finding (or really, rediscovering) the reason you started on the path can be the boost you need to take the next step in your career, your business, your family or your life.

But we women aren’t very good at allowing ourselves the time and the space to do that kind of soul-searching. We’re too busy caring for everyone else, checking off pages of to-do lists and trying to keep up with society’s ever-changing definition of what we women should be doing.

Taking the time to journal, to read, to go for a walk, to dance or sing or paint, to think without interruption or to attend an inspiring conference might feel selfish.  We may even claim that we’re fine without them, as we muddle along, working harder and harder and feeling less and less successful.

But in truth, those very things you have been trained to think of as selfish or indulgent could be exactly what you need to find your way to a happier, more successful life at home and at work.

Is your life, your happiness, worth an investment in yourself?  We think so. No, that’s not right. We KNOW it is.

Consider this your personal, engraved invitation.  It’s time to take care of you! 

Buy a brand new journal and fill the blank pages with your ideas. Find a book that speaks to you and give yourself the gift of time to savour it. Run for the sheer joy of experiencing the power of your own body. Dance in your garden, sing in the forest, or paint by the lake. Come to MomCom 2014 and invest in your dreams. Reclaim your passion. Find your power. Rediscover your “why” and with it, your “how.”

Join us on a journey to the rest of your life. We would love to hear where the road takes you!





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