Never Forget Why You Started Quote

It’s the time of year for a lot of things. Shopping. Parties. Families. Surviving time with families. Wishing you had a different family, imagining knocking off your family…oh, sorry! Got carried away!

What was I saying? Oh yeah….it’s also the time for “Looking Back Over the Year” and for “Making Resolutions to Not Make the Same ##@$% Mistakes Next Year.” (Don’t you just love how putting things in quotes makes them seem so authoritive and official?)

I’m not going to give you a long post about resolutions. Or even one about reviewing what worked and what didn’t.

Just the sentence above. “Never (EVER) Forget Why You Started

Doesn’t matter whether it’s a family, a job, a book, a career, a relationship or a business. Get clear on the reason for starting, and if it still matters, clear out the clutter and get back on the road (as long as it’s not I-35 through Austin. There’s ALWAYS better road than I-35! ) Reset that personal, internal GPS and step on the gas. It’s your year, girl.

And if that old reason doesn’t resonate anymore? Well, my friend, it’s also a great time of year to pick a new destination. And maybe, just maybe, even to draw your own map.

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