Elaine AlguireIt’s time to introduce the second of our Howdy Honda MomCom 2014 scholarship winners, Elaine Alguire.

Elaine is a busy mom of three, a professional photographer and now a co-producer of one of the new locations for Listen to Your Mother!  No wonder this mom wanted to come to MomCom! She is the conference personified! And she’s yet another lady I can’t wait to me later this month!

Are you ready to meet Elaine?  Here goes!

Elaine, why did you want to go to MomCom 2014? Have you been before?

No, I have not. And (gotta love word of mouth advertsing!) she wanted to go “because I have several friends who are attending and they said it was great last year. Also, hopefully to learn a few things!”  

Yes, Elaine, that is one thing we can promise with 100% certainty!  Women who have been to every MomCom event say they keep learning!)

What’s the biggest or most exciting new thing in your life right now, Elaine?

Working on my photography business.

Tell me more!

My photography business is extremely “part time”.  I take photos of families, babies, children, etc. I have my first wedding to photograph in March and I am nervous but very excited. I would eventually like to expand the business but for now, with my kids still small it is just “on the side”.  

(A season for everything works!)

Okay, now tell me about your dream job, whatever it is. Forget the rules and dare to really dream!

I would love to be a travel writer so I could travel and photograph the WORLD!

(Oh, LOVE this, Elaine!  Can I come along? You do the photos, and I’ll write! And can we start in Paris?)

So what do you want to say about your kids? We’re all moms here…we can take it! 

My kids are gorgeous and smart and funny and the 2nd, 3rd and 4th loves of my life. 


Where are you from originally?

I was raised right there in Austin, Texas!

Are you still local? 

I live in Lafayette, LA. 

(But she is coming home for MomCom, so we’ll forgive her for leaving, right?)

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

More like WHO did I want to be… Madonna. Or Debbie Gibson. 🙂

Anything else you want to share?

My other interests include writing, running, shopping, baking (and eating what I bake) and traveling. Also, I am co-producing Listen To Your Mother in Southeast Texas this coming Spring!

How did you get involved in Listen to Your Mother? 

I got involved with Listen to Your Mother because I love the project and because my friend Jennifer and I decided we wanted to do it together. We applied and were accepted as a new city this year. Our show will be in Beaumont, TX in early May (near Mother’s Day).

What’s your role as a co-producer? Sounds glamourous!

Co-producing means I am helping to organize and cast the show, which also includes sponsors and a charity we will be giving some of the proceeds to. 


Elaine, I am so looking forward to meeting you on January 24th! And please do bring your camera — we would love to see your take on the whole MomCom 2014 experience! In the meantime, you can get to know Elaine on her blog, The Miss Elaine-ous Life, her Facebook page and her Twitter stream.