discouraged entrepreneurThere’s an old song that says that falling in love is better the second time around. Whether or not that works with love relationships, it can be harder to believe when it comes to our entrepreneurial work life.

For some people, the thrill never wears off, and they go on growing and learning over the years. But for too many of us, the glittery, butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling wears off, and we’re left with the work of writing or selling or providing services.  At that point, it can become a chore to open your computer, write that post or make those phone calls.

The good news is, there are ways to turn that around, and fall in love with your entrepreneurial life all over again. And there’s no better time than January to get excited all over again about what you’ve created!

Remember why you started: When we get deep into a project, blog or business, it can be easy to forget why we started in the first place. Spend some time thinking about what your reasons were, whenever it was you started. If you have old journals, business plans, goal sheets or vision boards from that time, looking over them can help you remember what you hoped to create.  Even e-mails from those early days can spark memories.

Remind yourself of your successes: When things get tough, or the day-to-day gets you down, it’s easy to forget all of your successes. Spend some time writing down the good things you’ve accomplished, from that big sale to the blog post that garnered so many comments and shares. Focusing on what worked well can inspire excitement going forward.

Consider delegating: One of the common traits of entrepreneaurs is the “I can do it all myself” song.  You know the one…I can write, sell, promote, recruit, document and direct, all while handling the financials and the branding and the graphics and…. You get the picture. Sometimes, the reason we lose our excitement is sheer exhaustion! That’s especially true if some of the things you’re doing are outside of your skill set.

Take a look at all the pieces of your business, and see what you can farm out. Not good at taxes? Hire an accountant and take that pressure off of you. Not good with SEO, or getting bogged down in social media? Let someone who lives and breathes that online world take care of it for you.

The money you spend for delegating could easily be equalled or even surpassed by the time you can now spend on what you’re best at doing.

Connect with other entrepreneurial people: We are a different breed, you know. We who would rather make our own path instead of collecting a paycheck every week in exchange for following someone else’s plan. So it only makes sense that we need other entrepreneurs to inspire us, listen to us, or give us new ideas.  (Especially if you’ve already heard one too many choruses of “If you would just get a real job…”).

The question for many of us is how in the heck we go about doing that! Especially when we’re so busy already! “Regular” people make connections at work, and find people who share their profession or their company focus.  Some entrepreneurs use weekly MasterMind gatherings or business groups to fill in for that gap. Others, find that a couple of major networking and educational events a year work best to connect them with people who “get it.”

Building a tribe of kindred spirits can bring back that spark that seems to have gone out by providing new ideas, a sounding board or just an understanding shoulder to cry on when something doesn’t go according to plan.

Consider a different path: Sometimes that feeling that we just don’t care anymore is a sign that you need to look for a different direction. Over time, we might outgrow our business or blog. Or maybe you’re at a different place in life than you expected, and the business you imagined just doesn’t fit in with our needs or schedules. And that’s okay!

No matter how much you might have hoped your plan would last for ever, life sometimes happens. Letting go of what doesn’t work anymore is the first step to finding your next new and exciting project.

Happy Entrepreneuring, everyone!

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