Tisa JacksonOur third and final scholarship winner, Tisa, wowed me with a unique life goal. She wants to spend three months a year working in an orphanage in Uganda! Love that goal!

But I’m getting ahead of myself!  Let me introduce you to Tisa Jackson, Texas native, mom of two and MomCom newcomer!


Hi Tisa…I always like to start these interviews with the big question:

Why did you want to go to MomCom 2014?

I want to network with other moms,  to learn any tips on how to gain better time management skills… She also said she thinks that being “encouraged to grown my small business would be simply amazing.”

(We definitely want to help you with all of that, Tisa! Love your beauiful designs on Tisa’s Creations, too!)

Have you been to a MomCom event before?

No, this is my first time – I’m so excited!

What’s the biggest or most exciting new thing in your life right now?

My kids are older…my son is graduating from high school this year and my daughter is starting high school. My husband and I are both nervous and excited for our children. We are trying to get them off in the right direction to start their own lives as little adults. I’m tearing up just typing this. I’m so in love with both my kids and to see them leaving is really hard for a mom. I’m excited for them and what the future holds for my husband and I.

(We need to talk at MomCom, Tisa!  I’m in the same position, and it’s scary!  I love the daily being-a-mom stuff so much! Wondering how many other MomCom moms are facing this same transition?)

What is your all time, perfect dream job. And no, it doesn’t have to be realistic! 

I would love to work from myself full time blogging and designing business cards and other paper products for large companies and small business for 9 months out of the year and the rest of the year I would just travel to Uganda and volunteer at my friends orphanage.

Tell me more about that orphanage! I love that idea!

Orphanage kids

The orphange is run by my friend Sara Hamilton Kiwanuka and her husband Joseph Kiwanuka. I met Sara a few years ago at a fall craft show here in Austin. (Sara grew up here.)  

Now…She lives in Uganda but travels to Austin for the fall to sell items handmade by locals in Uganda. The money she raises while here is used to support the orphanage.  

(I did some of my own reading about the Rafiki African orphanage, too. They specialize in helping special needs kids who might not have a chance otherwise. Sara, an R.N., and Joseph, a Project Planning and Management professional are using their skills to do amazing things! I can really understand why Tisa wants to be a part of it!)

So tell me about your kids…

My son is 18 and an amazing artist and musician. He is attending college in the fall for graphic design.

My daughter is 14, in high school she would like to also follow in the area of art as a photographer.…my oldest has a processing disorder and my younger is dyslexic.

My greatest accomplishment is learning and teaching others around me – not every child fits into one box and what is normal to one person may not be normal to the next person. My kids are both very creative and smart. To teach them both learning different is special is my most personal accomplishment. I’m very lucky to be their mom. They continue to teach me new things everyday.

Are you a Texan, Tisa? 

I was born and raised in Texas, …in a small town, not too far from Dallas – Ennis, Texas.  Now I’m located in Round Rock, Texas, right outside of Austin. 

Anything else you want to share?

Thank you so much for the scholarship! It really means a lot.

You’re very welcome, Tisa. We’re so grateful to Howdy Honda for making these scholarships possible!