As a marketer, I dig words and their multiple meanings. It’s a bonus if I can use a couple of meanings of a word in one speech, essay or article. Today let’s talk committed. As in, I should be committed for starting MomCom again or I’m committed to making MomCom happen in 2015. By taking on sponsors for the November 7 event and moving forward with MomCom Salon, to what have I committed myself? Am I nuts?

I’m not crazy. At least not today. I am however, passionate. Passionate about women, motherhood, friendships, communication and honest conversation. I’m passionate about the power of mothers. I’m passionate about the diverse nature of motherhood, diverse, yet connected. And that’s what gets my blood pumping.

While my current position as a marketing manager at a university keeps me going financially, I can’t rely on it to fulfill my passion. During this past year while on a self-inflicted MomCom hiatus, I’ve realized that having a job, living comfortably and earning a paycheck are not enough for me. I need more. So this time around I’ll do it a little differently. I’ll take the advice of Yasmin, a wise mama whom I know and love. I’ll do what I can. I won’t seek more than I can handle, I’ll make MomCom fit into my life and the life of my family. It can be a happy distraction, something I reach for when I need to fill myself up, not something that wears me down.

I’m committed. Committed to my passion without letting it overwhelm me. I’m also committed to taking it easy, enjoying the ride and seeing what happens.


Please join us for MomCom Salon: A Primer on the Power of Motherhood on June 13 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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