When and where is MomCom?

MomCom 2015 is a one day event on Saturday November 7, 2015 at the Westin Austin Downtown in Austin, TexasRegistration and check in begins at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday.

I’m going to spend the weekend at the hotel. How much is a room?

Room rates at the Westin Austin Downtown are an affordable $249 until October 3, 2015. Make sure you book your room through the MomCom hotel reservation system to get this rate. The hotel will not extend this rate past October 3rd and we only have a limited number of rooms available at this rate so it is important that you book as soon as possible.

What will attending MomCom 2015 do for me?

At MomCom, you’ll listen to speakers who are real people  working and living life on their own terms. You will walk away inspired by hearing real stories. You will meet new friends and you’ll hear that where you are right now in life is where you are supposed to be, whether you are ready to take that next step or don’t even know what the next step is! MomCom is an inclusive event meant for women in all stages of their careers and/or motherhood. It  is a break from your every day. It’s an event that is meant to help you take a step back, take some time for yourself and  go home feeling refreshed so you can look at life with a fresh perspective and apply what you’ve learned in your day to day.

I’m not a Mom. But I’m interested in attending. Is MomCom  just for moms?

While MomCom is an event that caters to moms, it’s really for all women who are looking for community with other women who are working on businesses, who want to form alliances, or who need support for their creative endeavors. It’s goal is to include all women no matter where there place in life is. The speakers are all moms but they are also business women, writers, entrepreneurs, bloggers and women in non profit organizations.

What is the difference between MomCom and other women’s conferences?

MomCom is more intimate than most women’s conferences. It’s more of an event than a conference. You have a chance to talk with the speakers and ample time to form friendships and renew connections. It’s softer than traditional conferences, held in locations that make you feel refreshed. Our breaks are networking breaks and we leave lunch open for eating and getting to know each other. We encourage you to chat and move around the room. The event is fluid and casual. And although MomCom leaves you inspired and more knowledgeable, it does so in an organic manner. There are not topics on “how to be empowered.” You’ll feel that way naturally after hearing real stories from real women. MomCom also strives for acceptance of who you are, as you are. We also take great pride in finding sponsors, exhibitors and partners who know our value as moms and women.

Is MomCom a blogging conference?

Although there are speakers and attendees who may be bloggers, MomCom is not a blogging conference. Unlike blogging conferences, MomCom does not touch on blogging topics unless they are related to being a mom, starting a new venture or talking about creative aspects of life. There are no “how-tos” on blogging. We leave those topics to the blogging pros!

Can I bring my kids to MomCom?

MomCom is about moms. And being mothers, we know how important it is to get away and take time out for ourselves. MomCom does not allow children in the speaker or breakout sessions. However, if you do want to bring your family for a fun weekend, there is plenty of fun stuff for them to do while you are attending the conference. Downtown Austin is full of entertainment, shopping, and dining and there are plenty of opportunities for family fun within walking distance of the hotel.

I’m still nursing. Since my child won’t be on site, will there be somewhere I can pump?

Yes, we will have a room available for nursing mothers or you can slip up to your hotel room.

What comes with my MomCom ticket?

  • Saturday morning opening breakfast reception
  • Saturday speaker sessions and breakouts
  • Coffee and snack breaks
  • Saturday lunch
  • Saturday exhibits
  • Saturday closing happy hour

Should I bring my laptop/iPad/tablet computer?

Sure! There will be free Wi-Fi and if you’d like to blog about the conference or do some tweeting, we encourage it. However, we have a feeling you might get pretty involved in the speakers and what they have to say and you might forget everything else around you! Our hashtags are #MomUP and #MomCom15 and #thepowerofmotherhood.

I’d like my organization to participate. How can we get involved?

We’d love to have you! There are plenty of sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities for every budget, including sponsored tables for companies who want to send a group of moms.

What should I wear?

Whatever is comfortable! We’re coming “stylish casual.”

How can I apply for a Media/Press Pass for MomCom?

We are working on our media/press pass policy and will let you know! Media passes are limited in number and are pre-reserved for commercial news outlets.

I’d like to share a room or a ride to MomCom. How can I see if there are others like me?

Please visit the MomCom 2015 Facebook event page to find your match.

When should I arrive?

Registration and check-in will open at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday, November 7, 2015. Our first speaker will start at 9:30 a.m. Sessions end on Saturday evening at 5:30 p.m. and there will be a closing happy hour. We encourage you to get a room at the hotel to be able to truly enjoy the event in its entirety.

Can I get a refund or transfer my ticket?

MomCom does not offer refunds. You may transfer your ticket until October 15, 2015. Tickets purchased for 2015 may not transfer to MomCom 2016. Please contact us before October 15 if you purchased ticket and are not able to attend and would like to donate or transfer your ticket to someone. We welcome donations to our scholarship program which helps other women who, due to financial concerns, could not otherwise attend. Visit the MomCom 2015 Facebook event page to meet others who may want your ticket.

How many people do you expect at MomCom?

We are expecting 300 attendees for MomCom 2015 and we hope you are one of them!

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