Mom up!

Are you ready to Mom up and own your power as a mother? We at MomCom believe that women and moms hold all the power. Now we just have to harness that power for real social and economic change. Did you know that moms make 85% of the buying decisions in households and we spend more than $2.1 trillion in the United States each year? Yup. We’re a pretty big deal.

Whatever your passion, whatever your cause, whatever you aspire to be. Mom up and do it, be it, live it.


Buy the Mom up! T-shirt today and show that moms are a force to be reckoned with! design_ pinkvneck1 created by trish-1
Front: MomUP logo
Back: MomUP definition: “To own your power as a mother with courage and conviction.”


MomCom 2013 Volunteers

MomCom 2013 Volunteers

Check this out! Real moms wearing our MomUp shirt.

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